Symfonee Henderson is a Nashville based artist, who has been called a creative genius for her artistic imagination and contributions to the art world. She has a unique art style. She has a love for working with words, vibrant colors and recycled material to create mixed media abstract, realism and music visuals.

Symfonee has been creating art for over 15 years. Symf has also worked quietly behind the scenes while establishing herself in the creative industry. She has collaborated with Nashville Public Television, Deep Dish Convos and Slim and Husky's on graphic design, commercial interior design and merchandising.

Bio photo of visual artist, Symfonee Henderson

Symfonee's art has been exhibited in Nashville and Atlanta. Her most popular works include the "Lipstick Lyrics" mural in Slim and Husky's Antioch location and the giant shoe box installation for Creative Girls Rock Sneaker Ball '21.

Symfonee aspires to leave her mark wherever she goes encouraging positivity, food for thought and women empowerment. Symf plans to share her talents with the world one piece at a time as she has branded herself and works of art as Gallery Symf.